Sunday, December 15, 2013

Collecting Christmas Cards

It's no secret that I love mail. And so, when the Christmas cards begin to come in, I am soooo excited. I like to display the cards I receive. I think it further adds to the Christmas decor and is a visual reminder of some amazing friends and family. This year, I decided to use some metal chip clips that I had on hand.

I had used these clips back in my college dorm room to display notes and cards (see them hanging from the end of my bunk bed). I had gotten them from my uncle, who works at a grocery store.

They are the clips that hold chips or different little items on the isle at grocery stores.

Since I have a few of these, I hung them on different sides of my hutch. As one fills, I move on to another.

How are you displaying your cards this Christmas? Do you put them in a basket? Did you make something crafty? Next year, I might try to make something, but this year, I was happy to just use an item that I had on hand.

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