Thursday, November 21, 2013

Christmas with a Curious Kid

I love the holiday season! I love spending time with family! I love changing up my house decorations! Don't worry. I'm not forgetting that it's November. I plan to celebrate Thanksgiving with a fall-ish table, but I did already start to pull out my Christmas things. It seems to be taking me longer to get the house all Christymasy than past years. I have to be more strategic due to a very curious little boy that is into everything. Today, I decorated the banister.

It looks almost identical to previous years except for the fact that I attached the garland to the top of the railing instead of the side. I also secured it with pipe cleaners - Hudson shouldn't be able to reach it - However, if he does, and if he tugs on it, the wires won't scratch my wood.

It took a few more shots to get a decent Christmas picture today. It seemed that if I looked normal, Jeremiah was wrestling Hudson or it was obvious that he was singing Hudson a song. Or Jeremiah and I would look great and Hudson would be looking in the opposite direction. After trying several different locations and poses, Hudson begins to get this funny look on his face. "Seriously, guys! How many pictures do we have to take?"  Who knew a baby could appear to be giving a "fake smile."

Since I am half way through my shopping list for gifts, I also did some wrapping today. We travel to be with family around Christmas, and so, I usually try to avoid a bow that can become smooshed in transit. This year, I decided to pull out those $5 Dime Wrappers again. (See previous projects here and here).

And, to keep Hudson from unwrapping everything, I stacked the gifts on my library cart instead of beneath the tree.

Brown paper packages tied up with string baker's twine. Dime wrappers cut out in the shape of holly leaves. And "berries" cut from old card catalog cards (I've got a few to spare).

I love the look - and Jeremiah will love the fact that he doesn't have bows to worry about as he packs the car.

Michael's had a set of small alphabet stamps in their Dollar Bin (I love those bins!) that worked great for adding the names to the packages.

My tree still doesn't have lights on it - but it is out of the box. It's pretty plain at this point - but I'm not finished yet! I put it up a week or so ago. I am trying to slowly add my decorations in hopes that Hudson won't notice. So far, he hasn't even messed with the tree.

I opted for a shorter tree this year because I knew that I wanted to try to get a little height at the base. I simply put heavy blocks of wood and bricks in the galvanized tub, making it harder for Hudson to pull the tree over if he does pull up on the tub.

I then, set the tree on top of the blocks and placed a piece of a canvas drop cloth on top of the stand. I love the look - I will probably always put my tree in this tub, even after Hudson grows. I talked my mom and my sister into the tub idea this year! I have always hated how the tree skirt never stayed in place. Problem solved!

Slowly, but surely, our home will become more Christmas-looking. I love the process of the transformation and I am enjoying the time I get to spend decorating (I love nap time!!!)


  1. I love the bucket under the tree! Where did you get it?

    I can't wait to see your Christmas picture :)

    1. Thanks! A friend found it for me at an estate sale, I think.

  2. Who would have ever thought of using a bank coin roll! - So totally cool!! Thanks for linking this wonderful post up to my “Themed Blog & Shop Hop!”