Wednesday, November 27, 2013

A Few Thanksgiving Projects

The Christmas trees may be up and decorated, but my focus is on Thanksgiving for the next day or two. I loved remembering the history and traditions of Thanksgiving this week on my dad's blog.

The pumpkin is on the table. The turkey is thawing in the fridge. My husband brought me some bittersweet berries. And I somehow found myself painting little wooden Pilgrims and Native Americans the other evening.

I saw these little people on Simple Simon and Co. blog and fell in love.  I just need a Mayflower and a Tee-pee to complete the look.

We have some family coming in this weekend, but tomorrow we plan to celebrate with friends in the area. I've made the pilgrim hats before as a Thanksgiving treat. Since there will be some with peanut allergies present tomorrow, I decided to find something different to make.

Enter this awesome idea. Rice Crispy Indian Corn by Tatertots and Jello.

I followed her tutorial except for the fact that I left them off the sticks. I figured this made them a little more "kid-friendly."  I just used regular sandwich bags to keep them moist.

I can't wait to share my basket of Indian Corn at our get-together tomorrow!

Meanwhile, Hudson is studying up on the story of Thanksgiving. 

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