Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Girl's Retreat 2013

I love any opportunity I have to encourage girls in their walk with the Lord. Many youth leaders encouraged me to be the woman I am today - and I will take every chance I get to do the same for other young ladies.

My sister, Amy, asked me to come again to help out with her girl's retreat. I had such a great time last year, and I knew this year would be just as much fun.

It was great to see some familiar faces as well as make some new friends.

We sang, we studied, we shared...I was encouraged and grew spiritually myself.

The girls arrived super excited - we tried to surprise them with little things the entire evening.

Amy had worked secretly  with some friends to re-do the room where the girls have their Bible study. They were so surprised and so excited to have an adorable room all to themselves.

The chalkboard wall and the yellow dresser were my favorite items.

We were able to talk about how to stay spiritually fit. The girls and I are reading through the book of Proverbs over the next month - one chapter each day. (#aprovaday)

We also made message boards from picture frames and scrapbook paper. The girls can use these as dry erase boards to record verses they want to memorize or things they are learning in their quiet time.

After talking about God's view on modesty, we encouraged each other.

Each girl sat in a chair while the other ladies wrote on the chalkboard wall good characteristics they saw in the person.

After some yummy snacks, we started our spa treatments. Pedicures, face masks, cucumber slices for our eyes...

I purposefully left out the pictures of some of us peeling off our masks...those of us that those a "clear" mask looked as if our skin was being peeled off. Not too pretty.

Some ladies in from the church prepared the yummiest snacks and fruit smoothies.

And we all had the opportunity to make an easy foot scrub. I simply brought some empty baby food jars, spray painted the lids black and let the girls take some home.

You can make this easy recipe for Sugar Cookie Foot Scrub here. (What a great Christmas gift idea!)

After "some" sleep that night, we woke up to a yummy yogurt parfait and some exercising. It was such a fun weekend. (I say "some" because the air mattress Amy and I were sleeping on kept deflating...What an adventure!)

My sister and I grew up being very involved in the church and ministry. I always love any opportunity we get to serve together. Love you, Amy!

You can see the pictures from last year's retreat here!

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