Friday, May 3, 2013

A few more Book Reviews

The pile of books to review is still stacked up beside my chair in the living room. Little by little, I'm getting them read.

Last week, I was able to get involved in the story of Lady Eliza Sumner in Jen Turano's A Change of Fortune. I had never heard of this author, but was interested in the story line after reading the back cover.

After losing her family, her fiance and her inheritance, Eliza goes undercover as a governess in order to recover her fortune. She has located the man who betrayed her family and ran off with the funds.

Hamilton Beckett is also after this betrayer, but for different reasons. When the two young people's paths collide, they decide to combine their efforts in order to hopefully accomplish their goal.

Through twists and turns, this new author kept me reading, anticipating the next move of the characters. I was excited to find out if good would triumph in the end and if maybe Eliza would find a new place for her heart to lodge as well.

I thoroughly enjoyed this story and look forward to reading more from this author. It was really well written for being her first novel.

 I am grateful that Bethany House provided this book for reviewing purposes.

Bethany House also provided me with the opportunity to review Darlene Zschech's 365-Day Devotional Revealing Jesus. I was excited to dig into this book, having been a fan of Darlene's music since my high school days. 

Being a new mom, I find it hard to have a long period of time to sit down for my devotions each day. Instead I find my self with 5 minutes here and another 10 minutes there. This book provided the excellent solution - little nuggets of truth and Scripture to get me through these tough days and long nights. 

I've placed this book and other short devotionals beside the chair where I feed my son. During those middle of the night feedings, the Lord has used this book to encourage and challenge me. 

If reviewing Christian books seems like something you may be interested in, you can see if you qualify here. You will need to be able to post a review to your own site (such as a blog) as well as to a retailer's site. 

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