Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Are you ready for Easter?

When I was asked that question as I child, I always interpreted it as -- Did I have an Easter dress? Did I want to get some candy? But as an adult, I see it a little differently. I do have a new pink dress to wear and I can't seem to resist Easter Candy (especially those Reese's Eggs) - but is my heart ready for the celebration?

Our pastor discussed an interesting thought a few weeks ago - we take weeks to prepare for Christmas. In fact, each year, people begin their Christmas festivities earlier and earlier. Yet, Easter somehow often slips up on us. It comes and goes so quickly. Our church has spent the last several weeks preparing for the celebration of our Risen Savior. (You can listen/watch the sermons here under "Current Series")

I can remember my mom reading through Max Lucado's book, Six Hours One Friday around this time of the year. So, I pulled that book from our shelf, hoping to read most of its contents by this Friday.

It's just so easy for Easter to come and go with no real fanfare. But as Christians, this celebration is the foundation for EVERYTHING! I must admit, even today, I have let other things distract me from what this week should represent. I've let issues that infuriate me consume my conversations and thoughts. I've let lack of sleep make me grumpy. I've been busy with housework and dirty diapers. I've been preparing to host some people in our home. I've just let life get in the way. And I'm sure that is exactly how Satan wants Christians to float through this week -- distracted. No big deal...just like any other week. BUT, it's NOT!

Today, I decided I needed some music to get me back on track. I thought I would share some songs with you...

Last week, as we took communion at church, we watched a powerful video. As tears streamed down my face, I felt so much appreciation for what Christ has done for me. He went through all of this for my sin. And yet, I often don't take my sin very seriously. What a good reminder of what He has done for me as I continue to live for Him.

(This video contains graphic video clips from "Passion of the Christ") - I couldn't find the exact one that was shown, but this is the same song and images from the same movie.

Growing up, around Easter time, my family would watch Jesus of Nazareth. My dad had recorded it off TV sometime in the 80's. It was always a joke to go from a Jeep commercial to raising Lazarus from the dead...both were in the desert and if you weren't careful, it would seem like the scenes were one in the same. ha.

In my mind, that is what Jesus looks like. Those piercing blue eyes of the actor that played Jesus are forever ingrained in my memory. For that reason, I have always loved this video using clips from the familiar Jesus of Nazareth. What a good reminder to not let all of this become too familiar. Are you amazed?

Just this week, my dad shared with me a powerful video depicting the resurrection of Christ. I've watched it several times - what an exciting time that must have been!

How are you preparing for the upcoming celebration on Sunday? Don't let distractions of life get in your way of rejoicing for what Christ did for us!

I am His because He is ALIVE!

I'm so thankful for the power of the cross...

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