Sunday, February 24, 2013

Book Review: Inescapable by Nancy Mehl

Two pages into this book I was thinking, "Oh no...Another Amish-ish story of a rebellious girl who leaves the community and something draws her back...." When I selected this book to review, I really thought it was just a mystery book. I should have noticed the horse and buggy on the front though.

It seems like sooo many books out there right now are Amish community based. They seem to follow the same guidelines...girl leaves...girl returns...will the community accept her back?...old romantic interest shows up...etc. 

Book One in the Road to Kingdom series follows a Mennonite Lizzie Engel who left Kingdom, Kansas after she became pregnant. Five years later, she is being falsely accused and is on the run. She and her daughter return to Kingdom, knowing that it is "off the map" to most of the world. 

The relationship between she and her father is still quite strained. Because of this, she ends up living with a friend who is running a restaurant. But after just a few weeks, the threatening letters and strange man in the ball cap are still following her. 

Lizzie is also faced with a romantic dilemma when the father of her daughter shows up. Will she run with him or will she choose her long long love of the Mennonite community, Noah?

Although I was dreading this book because I thought it would be like so many others written today, the mystery elements made it quite entertaining. I am actually looking forward to reading book two by this "new to me" author. Give it a try...You may like it as well. 

 I am grateful that Bethany House provided this book for reviewing purposes.

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