Thursday, July 12, 2012

I refuse to give up...

Many weeks ago...(36 weeks ago, to be exact) I started something that I intend to finish. Some of you may have accepted my challenge to read through the Bible in one year. (If you would like to download your own plan, you can do that here). But these past few weeks months I have been a bit of a slacker.

This morning, my friend, Joni, told me she was intending to play a little catch up with her reading plan. It's a rainy day, and it seemed like as good a day as any to jump back into this plan. I sat down with my breakfast and coffee, determined to make some progress.

Embarrassingly, I had to ask Joni was week we were supposed to be reading. I decide to AT LEAST read the daily assignment for this week, and then, catch up, one day at a time. For Thursdays, I'm reading Proverbs. To completely catch up on Thursdays, I only had to read Proverbs 7 through 22. That I can do. (It's the times when I need to read the entire book of Job in one setting that I get a little overwhelmed).

And, I can proudly report, that I have caught up my Thursday readings!

There are still a lot of boxes to check off to get all the way back to where I am supposed to be, but the important thing is, I haven't given up. How are you doing in your reading plans? Anyone else needing to catch up, like I am? Just keep reading!!

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  1. I think that you need more cream cheese on that there bagel!
    I am hoping to be done by the end of the year. I know that is not a year from the start time, but I feel better thinking that I am a little ahead for the current year :)