Friday, July 6, 2012

Guest Post: Penny Pinterest...The New Hannah Homemaker

Today's guest post comes from a dear friend of mine, Mimi. She is such a spiritual encouragement, teacher of the Word, and example of a godly woman. I love her insight and hope you will as well. 

You have a need, a perplexing problem. And you have to have an answer quick. What's a body to do?Where do you go for the answer? Who do you check with to help you out in a pinch? Where do you go to be inspired, motivated? Well in the 1800's it was probably the mother-in-law who lived with you or lived on the adjorning farm. In the early 1900's it may have been the neighbor down the road. While in the latter 1900's it may very well have been the neighbor in your apartment building. So what about today? Where do you go for that motherly advice? For those creative ideas? In 2012 the savvy woman checks Pinterest.

Pin found here

Pinterest is a website for those who love their family, their friends, their home...their life! They are folks on the look out to make all of the things they love the best that they can be. It is a place on the internet to share ideas that are working for you and to see what is working for others. It's a place to share ideas, to motivate, inspire and to even solve perplexing problems quickly.

Pinterest encourages us to make our “nests” more inviting, comfortable and lovely. To use our imaginations to create and solve problems with what we have on hand. To be inventive, expressive and yes even adorable in our” nest making “. To use an antiquated term, Pinterest inspires one to be a better  "home maker”.

Whoa! Did you catch that? In the year 2012 homemaking is ranking right up there with other enjoyable activities! With Pinterest leading the way! Proof is in the number of hits daily to this site and the number of followers it has amassed. Is homemaking really making a comeback? Have we not lost this “art” after all? The reality is that it is in vogue today to be a keeper of the home (that would be another antiquated term ... check out Titus 2 for more!) But the goal is to not just be a keeper of the home, but to be one that is full of life and enjoyment. One who expresses herself through her work. Yes be more than a maker of your home, be one that has fun doing it! With all of the ideas floating in and out of Pinterest it is no wonder folks are logging in, contributing and coming back for more. Creating a home and working there is being seen in a new light. No longer is house work thought of as a drudgery, but it is a challenge to be taken up while finding enjoyment in the process!

When someone says “check out Pinterest” it elicits much the same emotion in women today that “Go West Young Man” did for men generations ago. It is a rally cry for improving your life and those you love. It is bettering yourself and helping others do the same. Check it out!

Check back for part 2 tomorrow! I love thinking about the deep desires in women to be keepers of the home, and how Pinterest is helping us do that (whether they know they are or not!). 

And, If you have not explored the world of Pinterest and would like an instant invite to join in on the festivities, please email me! 

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  1. I always enjoy anything my sister Mimi writes!