Thursday, March 29, 2012

Goodwill Challenge: Who's going to join me?

Sometimes, a little push from a friend can motivate me to complete a project twice as fast as I normally would. Joni and I had a self-declared Goodwill Challenge last month. See what we made out of some $5 dime rolls here and here.  We gave ourselves one week...and we actually finished on time!
This time, I may be in this alone. But I am betting that a few more of you out there have the supply item that I am hoping to find a great use for! Or I am hoping that you will rush out to your favorite thrift store to commandeer a roll for yourself because you are so inspired by this challenge.
What could the mystery product be?  


Last weekend, I found a roll of navy and white striped (where I come from this is a two-syllable word...stripe-ped) wallpaper for 99 cents! When I came home, I realized I had a second roll of awesome wall paper that belongs to my neighbor/bff. I think I had originally borrowed it to maybe paper my closet. But I have since stuffed our closet and don't feel like removing everything just to make the walls look a little different. I will definitely see if she wants to participate. And if she does, I'll give her roll back.

I'm dreaming up a better use for these rolls - and I'm giving myself one week to complete the project. Who's with me?

"How do I participate?" you may be excitedly screaming! Simply comment on this post, letting me know that you're up for the challenge. Then, either dig out some wallpaper that you previously picked up from a thrift store/garage sale/random basement - it's time to find a clever use for those beautifully decorated papers.

Once you have completed your project, email me ( a picture and a brief description of your idea. Or, if you have a blog, email me the link to your post that describes your cleverly used wallpaper by next Thursday (March 5th, 2012). I will your creative ideas in the big reveal post on Friday, April 6th.
I can't wait to see what you come up with! Let the googling and Pinterest searching begin!

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  1. My approved stretching the rules burlap design will be coming!