Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Let's have a "Reading Picnic"

From time to time I like to help my BFF/neighbor out. She has 3 children - and I love the fun that those kids bring. Last week, Abbi, her oldest had a friend over to play. I decided to have them over - for a reading picnic.

I packed a few books that I used to read as a little girl. A few Berenstain Bears, "Just Grandma and Me", and Rainbow Brite!

When the girls arrived, they excitedly helped me unpack the blanket.

They quickly found the cookies inside the basket - because all picnics should have some type of snack!

I love Briana's (on left) expression - she is so enjoying that cookie.

I let the girls pick the order of the books - they of course chose the books they knew first.

Last but not least, we came to Rainbow Brite: Happy Birthday Buddy Blue! At first, they were not that excited about this book. It didn't look like their other books and they'd never heard of Rainbow Brite. But the second I opened the book, they were mesmerized by the bright colors and the fun story line. As soon as I finished reading, they begged for me to read it again...and again...and again.

Eventually we had to wrap up our reading picnic. It was time for the girls to go back home. But this is definitely an activity I will repeat with these girls and my own children some day. It was also great to introduce them to books that I read as a child - and to see that those books can still captivate children.

PS...I found the Rainbow Brite book on Amazon - who knew you could still purchase it. And many copies were available for just 1 cent! Gotta love Amazon!

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  1. I love it, Cindy. Thanks so much for doing that for the girls. I'm sure Bri loved every minute of it. What a fun idea! Maybe we can copy it over here. And about the cookie, Bri is very much like her Mommy on that one :)