Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Big Fat Check Time

It's that time again - the time when my "Big Fat Check" comes in the mail from Ebates. I am surprised every time. This time, it was only a whopping $7.43. But hey, I'll take that!

"What is Ebates?" you may ask. It's a site that gives you cash back for your online purchases. Hundreds of stores are eligible. Each store has a different percentage of cash back that they offer.

"How might I get a 'Big Fat Check'? you may ask.
  1. Sign up here. It's free and painless. Right now, you'll even get a $10 gift card just for registering once you spend $25 at one of the online stores using Ebates.
  2. Pick a store in the top left hand corner of the website.
  3. Shop online!
  4. Receive a "Big Fat Check" each quarter.

Then, each time you are about to make an online purchase (big or small...it all adds up), check Ebates first. If the store is featured, you might as well get a little cash back! Select the store - Ebates will direct you to the store's website. Then, shop as normal. After2 days or so, you can see your accumulating "cash-back" on your Ebates account. I've received over $200 cash back since joining Ebates in 2009. And if I would remember to check here first, it could have been even more.

It's as simple as that! When I was planning my wedding, I ordered everything through this site. Now, that was a REALLY "Big Fat Check." Priceline is also feature here - Jeremiah booked our honeymoon through our Ebates account. Plane tickets, hotels, Walmart purchases, Target, Ebay...you get the picture.

Just think...you're saving gas money and getting cash back. Can't beat that! And Ebates will show you promotions for free shipping and discounts.

If you already purchase things online, you might as well get a little of that money back!


  1. Mine was $75 this time but I had some sign up bonuses and we made some big purchases (a new stove and vent) so that helped!

  2. I am going to post about this today too. My check was $44. Wahoo!!