Tuesday, December 13, 2011

That's My Mom!

Growing up, I have very distinct memories of my mother. I knew that some things would never change -

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Each morning, I knew that I would find her sitting at the kitchen table with her Bible and a cup of coffee.  She showed me that Jesus was important to her. Her kind words and loving spirit showed me that her time with the Lord was more than just s mundane part of her morning routine. It changed her life.  In my mind, all mothers were this way! I wanted to be just like her someday.

Each birthday was a huge celebration - including the birthday tablecloth, cake of choice, lots of cards and lots of little presents. She showed me that I was important to her. I wanted to celebrate my family's birthdays in the same way.

I often saw mom and dad kissing or sitting close on the couch - This showed me they love each other very much. I dreamed that my marriage would look the same to my children someday.

When I was sick, mom was well equipped with juice, medicine, soup and a carbonated beverage. (Even last week when I was sick, my mom told me I should have a "sick stash" of the essentials - always ready in the pantry when the cold strikes).

My Mom loves mail and little gifts- that must be where I get it from. When I left home after high school to travel with a singing team, my mom sent me a piece of mail everyday for the first 6 weeks weeks I was gone. My fellow team members can testify to this. I think they may have been a little jealous. However, they were very glad when her mail item of the day included cookies or treats.

She taught me to always be ready for whatever the Lord may prompt you to do. If He tells you to encourage someone, sit with a girl who is alone at church, take a family a meal, pay for someone's lunch, give a hug, say a prayer - She showed me the importance for trusting the Lord's prompting.

Last night, I didn't end up looking at the mail until late into the evening. After a long day of work and an even longer list of housework, I was feeling a little overwhelmed. There in the pile of mail was a cheerful yellow envelope from my mother. She simply worked her magic of encouragement, telling me how I had encouraged her lately and that she loved me. That simple note made all the difference to me, last night.

She never ceases to amaze me - many people love her and are encouraged by her, but only two people in this world have the distinct privilege of calling her "mom."

Mom, you are the best - Just wanted you to know that I am so proud that you are my mother.


  1. We have so much in common... I think that I have the best mom in the world, too! :) Love the post and love your mom.

  2. Beautifully said Cindy!