Monday, November 21, 2011

My Own Crafternoon

Saturday, I was feeling a little bummed that I couldn't join Twin Oaks for their sewing party. So, I decided to have a self-declared crafternoon of my own. I drug out the Cricut (which my husband surprised me with last Christmas), fabric scraps, some white baby onesies, scrap paper, buttons, thread and some Cranberry Sierra Mist. I popped my Candied Carmel Pecan wax into my Scentsy warmer, found some reruns for Iron Chef America on Hulu, and got to work.


My bff/neighbor recently had her third child. Since they already had a boy and a girl, they decided to wait to find out the gender of this baby. For this reason, I hadn't given her a gift yet. Even though I was convinced all along that it was a girl, I wanted to make sure it was before handing over some girly onesies. Sure enough, Piper Jane arrived (and Aunt Cindy was right!).

I have recently discovered a new AMAZING craft supply. Steam-A-Seam! Hobby Lobby had twenty 9 by 12 sheets for $4.99 - paired with a 40% off coupon, it wasn't a bad deal at all

I have a sewing machine - but I'm much more fond of hot-glue. This product definitely falls into the glue category.

I used a few cut-outs from my Cricuit and a few shapes I sketched out myself.
Simply draw them on the back side of the product, inverting your images.

Then cut out all the little pieces and stick them to the wrong side of the fabric.

I laid out my designs, and was pleased with my choices.

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After ironing the fabric to the onesies, my project was complete.

I also made this little frog for another friends brand new baby boy.

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I'm already contemplating what t-shirts of my own that I can decorate! It was so easy to apply - I'll have to ask Ashlee how it holds up after washing it.

Last week, I mailed off some bracelets to a few friends. I duplicated the idea from a picture I found on Pinterest.

One friend received the envelope, but no bracelet :( So, I had to make her a new one. This time, I will hand-deliver it at Thanksgiving.

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This easy bracelet can be made by cutting to long pieces of hemp. I folded the pieced in half and tide a knot 1 inch from the top - this created a loop for the on end of the bracelet to fasten around the button on the other end. Then I tied a series of knots in the hemp, attaching a bead every so often.

I love to wrap presents. My mom is one of the best at wrapping presents - and she taught me everything she knows! I love to get the paper tight and neat around a box!

 I even wrapped gifts at my first two jobs (Gifts of Joy - Christian book store and Peebles). My Christmas shopping is not complete, but I did manage to wrap the gifts I have purchased. I'll make the gift tags and tie on ribbon another night.

I know a very intelligent three year old girl that is soon to turn four. The last few times that she has been at my house, I have been teaching her to play "Memory." I used to play this game all the time as a child, and my parents promise me that I used to beat them all the time. I decided to make Abbigale her very own set of match cards.

Since the Cricut was already out on the kitchen table, I came up with 10 small pictures that I could use for my game.

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After attaching them to card stock, I will have them laminated.

 If you are making a set of your own, it is best to put a piece of decorative paper on the opposite side of the card stock -

Sometimes, after laminating the pieces, you are able to see the impression of the shape on the opposite side. Once I find a cute box to house the game, my gift will be complete.

For some reason the Christmas lights all around the house inspire me to be more crafty...maybe they should stay up all the time!


  1. Some things I learned from this post...

    1. Piper Jane is the cutest baby girl name I've heard in a while.

    2. My bracelet is even cuter than the Pinterest picture.

    3. I am behind in my Christmas shopping. Pictures of other people's wrapped gifts makes my stomach have anxiety butterflies.

    4. You are the craftiest crafter I know. You go way beyond pinning and actually DO the projects. Way to go! We missed you at the sewing party.

  2. A reply to your comments:
    1. I will tell the mother you think the name is adorable.
    2. Glad you love it :)
    3. I am WAAAAAAY behind too. Just wrapping a few gifts made me feel better. I just have to remember what's in them until I put the tags on them. Last year I did this too and had to unwrap a few gifts because I couldn't remember what was in them.
    4. Missed you too - if I really knew how to sew and not glue, I feel I could be unstoppable. ha. I feel you accomplish quite a lot with your incredible gift of design!