Friday, November 25, 2011

"Happy Thanksgiving....back"

 Yesterday, each time someone wished me a "Happy Thankgiving," I kept wanting to respond "Happy Thanksgiving...back" in an Indian accent like the cashier on "You've Got Mail."

A day filled with family and good food is always a special time. Wednesday, we were able to make it in time to go to my parent's church, Twin Oaks Baptist Church. It was so refreshing to reflect on what we have to be thankful for.

My Dad reminded us of the following things from Psalm 100.
  1. Give thanks with exuberance. (vs. 1)
    We are to "shout" our thanksgiving - much like the Isrealites did when they won the battle of Jericho or like the angels shouted at creation.
  2. Give thanks with gladness (vs. 2)
    We show our appreciation to God when we serve Him with gladness.
  3. Give thanks with rejoicing (vs. 2)
    In song - music, if used properly is a gift of God. It also reveals God's harmonious nature. It is a means of bringing glory to God. Music can also lift your spirit. Psalms 42 reminds us to "put our hope in God." Worship can bring us out of depression. Gratitude to God produces happiness.
  4. Give thanks with humility (vs. 3)
    Sheep are meek and dependant on their shepherd. Becuase God is our shepherd, He'll meet our needs. (Psalm 23:1)
    Thanksgiving is alo a way to protect us from anxiety and worry - Phillippians 4:6-9. Remember, you cannot be too specific in your prayers to God. "Cast your worries on Him..."
  5. Give thanks with faith
    Opens the door for greater blessings.
"What if God gave you tomorrow what you were thankful for today?"

It is always good to sit under my dad's teaching - and it was even better to have this little reminder of why and how we are to be thanful. Hearing this before Thanksgiving helped me to be able to reflect all day Thursday - God is so good to me. His blessings never end! And when I take the time to thank Him for who He is and what He's done, I step away satisfied and content.

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