Wednesday, September 21, 2011

New sewing skill: Button Holes!

It's the little things in life that make me smile -- mastering a new skill is one of those "little things." I also love to find new purpose for ordinary items.  This project accomplished both. And it didn't cost me a cent!

I was in need of a cover for my ipad - to protect it as much as possible. However, I wanted something pretty...and unique.  We had received 2 beautiful gray and white quilted placemats as a wedding gift. I had initially thought I would make a throw pillow from them....(Find other uses for placemats here @ Apartment Therapy and here @ Frugal Village).

I simply measured and stitched up 2 sides to sew the perfect pocket for my ipad. I carried it for a few days like this, but decided it would be more protective if I had a way to close the pouch. My sewing machine has a "button hole" stitch, but I must admit I've never explored its uses. I asked my mother-in-law and my friend Lydia if it was as simple as sewing a rectangle with the correctly selected stitch - then I simply cut a slit for the button. It worked like a charm!!!

Now, my mind is reeling with all kinds of ways I can incorporate button holes into other projects (shower curtains and pillows and....)

Have you mastered any skills recently that you are super proud of? I resisted the urge to add a ruffle to this project. Even though I'm still very proud of my ruffling.

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