Monday, November 13, 2017

His Faithful Love Endures Forever

During the Holiday season, it is so easy for me to feel overwhelmed. My to-do list is long. and I seem to be short on time and patience. 

Last night, Well Watered Women posted an Elisabeth Elliot quote on Instagram that resonated well with me.

If worries and anxiety consume my thoughts, I am not at my best. I may be functioning, but I may also be missing other things that the Lord has for me to see. 

I decided after reading that post that I needed to leave my worries in His hands and focus on His goodness. After all, November is a month when we are reminded to "give thanks," 

I started flipping through my notebook of written out passages on Thanksgiving. I'm not sure how many of you accepted the challenge to write out some of these passages. I will tell you that I haven't completed the list...but I plan to! It's not too late to join in! (Even if you just read the passages). With this recent confession at the front of my brain to leave my worries with the Lord, passage after passage spoke to me and ministered to me. Truth matters. Truth changes us. Truth replaces lies. 

I remember when it came time to write out Psalm 136, I looked at that repeating phrase "His faithful love endures forever". It seemed so redundant. I even considered just making hash marks or "ditto" instead of writing out the phrase 12-15 times. The Psalmist had written "His faithful love endures forever" after each statement for a, I decided to go ahead and copy the passage exactly. As I wrote out that phrase, over and over again, it no longer seemed unnecessary. It seem to be an anthem or a cheer...His Faithful Love endures FOREVER! 

It was as if the Psalmist was writing out the things that he saw (moon, stars, waters, etc) and it all reminded him of how good our God is.  It was the psalmist's thankful list. 

And so, I challenged my mom's group to make a list of their own. They were each given a "turkey ticket" a three foot roll of paper tied up with a little string. 

Between now and Thanksgiving, I'm planning to take some time to write out the good things our God has done for me and around me. I challenged my family members coming for Thanksgiving to do the same - I mailed them each their own "turkey ticket," hoping that they would also take the time to write down a thankful list. Kids can draw pictures. You could write on both sides of the paper if you list grew longer. And that list can be turned in for turkey on Thanksgiving day. 

This list can prepare my thankful heart for the holiday season. This list will help me put my eyes on the Lord. This list won't lead to stressful headaches. 

I will still need to make my to-do list and my menu and my grocery list...but not a worry list. 

His faithful love endures forever. Thank you, Lord, for all you do for me. 

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