Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Real Moms. Real Jesus.

Our MOPS year is well underway. I always leave our meetings feeling encouraged, challenged, and empowered.

Our centerpieces were simple this year - sure, we'd still have a good time without a decorated table to sit at. But we wanted these moms to know that they were important and that we had prepared for their arrival.

A few weeks before our kickoff meeting, the leadership team came  together to pray and plan.

We see this ministry to moms as more than just a fun couple of hours on a Monday. We see it as a time to pour as much of Jesus into these ladies as we can - so that they can go home and pour Jesus into their families.

As a group, we are studying the book Real Moms Real Jesus. We let the moms know what chapter to read for the next meeting. The chapters are short, relative, and full of Biblical truth. I love that the emphasis is that Jesus ministered to the people wherever He was - as moms, if we do the same, our area of ministry includes our children and our husbands. We hope to equip these ladies to be better moms and to be more like Jesus at the same time.

The centerpieces were simple - chargers and branches from Hobby Lobby. Thrifted vases spray painted white. And table names painted onto pieces of wood.

Some tables have Ikea lanterns while others have these himmeli shapes made out of drinking straws and wire.

I struggled with figuring out what the MOPS theme was to mean? "We are the Starry Eyed".... Was I supposed to be starry eyed? Is this what I look like after a night of no sleep? So, I began to ask the Lord what HE wanted it to mean for our group? I am so thankful that I am a member of church with so many resources and so many great speakers to pull from. The Lord led Beth and I to this verse.

After I read those words, I KNEW that these were perfect TRUTHS to base our year on.

It gives me chills to know if God cares this much about stars, He must care an awful lot about me.

At kickoff, we reminded the moms...

1. God made you. 
 He picked you to be a mom right now to your kids. When we see ourselves this way, our kids will have a better view of themselves too.

When I pray with my kids, I've started saying, "Thank you, Lord, for picking me to be Hudson and Nora's mommy."  I want them to know that this family was picked by God! A few weeks ago we were eating dinner and Hudson said, "Did you know God picked mommy to be my mommy?" I love the confidence he has gained from these words.

2. God knew you'd be here. 
He brought these moms to our group, whether by personal invitation, a Facebook post, an announcement in church. He knew what topics you needed to hear, what speakers would resonate with your situations, the people who would sit at your table, the activities we would learn, the mentor you would have, etc.  I am so glad that He cares about the details. And that takes a lot of pressure off our team as we plan!

3. God doesn't want you to be alone in this "mom life."
Our theme verse said, "not a single one is missing." If God knows where each star is, He certainly knows where we are. And He places other people in our lives to help us too. It's easy to forget who you are when you are drowning in dirty dishes and diapers. And the hard times are gonna come. I am so thankful for a community of Christian moms to encourage me. They tell me their experiences. the bring meals, they tell me "It's ok!"

I am so thankful that our God is powerful and in control. I am so thankful He knows we need each other. (Jesus even had a small group). And I am so thankful for this ministry of moms. 

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