Sunday, April 26, 2015

A Place Called Tennessee Temple University...

Yesterday felt very much like I had stepped back in time. We went to the campus of our Alma Mater, Tennessee Temple University.

It felt surreal to be walking in places I had stepped hundreds of times - only this time, I had my children with me. And this time, would be one of the last times these places would still be considered TTU.

This place has had such a significant impact on my life. While my Dad attended TTU, my parents grew so much spiritually.

While I attended, friends and professors taught me so much about the Bible and living my life for the Lord.

I met my husband my first day on campus as a student.

My sister attended and met her husband during her time there as well.

And although these familiar places are very dear to my heart, I had to agree when I heard someone say, "It wasn't really about WHERE I went to college, it was all about WHO was there WITH ME."

We were challenged to remember that despite the school's closing, the legacy and ministry of Temple lives on in us.

As I shed tears while we sang the Alma Mater and quoted the Confession of Faith one last time, I found this saying to be quite appropriate:
"Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened." - Dr. Seuss

I loved revisiting some familiar classrooms where I was taught Doctrines and Survey of Old/New Testament.

As I spoke with close friends from my college days, it was as if we had never be en apart.

We laughed at memories and recounted lessons learned.

I showed my children where I answered the switchboard for 40 hours each week for several years.

We rode the elevator, for old time's sake, hoping that we wouldn't get stuck inside. I remembered how Jeremiah referred to the elevator phone as his direct line to me (because it would only dial out to the switchboard).

We celebrated the Martin's retirement. Oh, how I love that couple!

Mrs. Martin has invested so much of herself in me. When I told her that I was forever grateful for her influence and guidance and that I am still using things that I learned from her, she looked at me with tear filled eyes and said... "Anything good that you received from me was Jesus."

Mrs. Martin wanted me to be the best "Cindy Covey" I could be - and she never cared if she received any credit or praise. She encouraged me to make my projects for her look colorful and creative. She cultivated the leadership qualities that the Lord had given me. She helped me to learn that God made me to be me...and that's the "me" He wants to use.

I am also blown away by the fact that the two of them are always learning. Their name tags yesterday said that they had been at Temple from 1969-2015. I used to type Dr. Martin's notes for him and he was ALWAYS revising. Always researching. Always finding a better way to present material to students. Always trying to learn more. Just because we celebrated their retirement, I don't think these two are planning to just prop their feet up...

Jeremiah said that the day made him think a lot about Heaven.  Yesterday we found ourselves surrounded by so many alumni - some we recognized, some we knew well and some we had never met. But we were bonded together because a place called TTU had impacted our lives.

Someday, when we get to Heaven, we will see so many people that we know and recognize...what an amazing reunion it will be. We will all be bonded together because of our faith and trust in Jesus.

What a wonderful day it was...

Reconnecting with friends...

Hearing how the Lord was moving and working in other's lives...

Remembering what the Lord had done in my own life.

I am so thankful that the Lord used a place called Tennessee Temple University.

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  1. Neat to see! Wish we could have been there. Did Jeremiah reenact mission impossible in the halls as Dr. Kemp walked by?