Wednesday, October 29, 2014

One Month Update

Since Nora is quickly approaching her two month birthday, I figured I should post her one month pictures.

At her one month check-up, Nora had gained well over two pounds. She has continued to gain, growing out of all her newborn clothes.  I pack them away with mixed emotions - happy that she is growing but sad that time is flying by so quickly.

Hudson loves to help with the baby - he is quick to let me know when he hears her crying. But he is also quick to tell us to put the baby "down" when he is needing some attention.

After I had finished taking Nora's pictures, Hudson decided he needed some 23 month pictures taken.

I can't believe that he will be two years old next month.

He laid down like the baby and kept saying "Cheeeeeese."

We enjoyed having my sister, Amy and my niece, Pippa to visit us for a week.

Hudson loved having a playmate. For several days after they left, Hudson kept asking for "A" and "pipPA"

Pippa was so helpful, making sure that "Bae No" (as she called her) had her paci and was full of smiles.

We love watching Nora focus on things now. She will follow us around the room with her eyes. And her smiles always melt my heart.

Of course, she's pretty cute with any expression she makes.

She went to church for the first time last Sunday.

And her first MOPS meeting.

Hudson is still loving every minute he gets to spend outside.

He is constantly asking to sing songs and read books. I am trying to make sure to spend quality one-on-one time with him each day. He seems to flourish under the attention and learns something new everyday.

He loves to color, and he can name and recognize about 19 letters of the alphabet.

He also loves to pray at bedtime. Usually, when I say "Amen" he will name several other family members that he would like to pray for. It is amazing how he often mentions family that does need extra prayer. The Lord has given us a very sensitive little boy. I pray that he always keeps a tender heart.

We are so thankful for our little family. The Lord has been so good to us. We look forward to another month full of adventures with these two little blessings.

And yes, Hudson still loves Nora's toes.

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