Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Family Time is the Best Time

Since I am waiting on baby Nora's arrival, we have not traveled this summer. Thankfully, our family has been great to come and visit us here. We recently enjoyed a visit from Jeremiah's parents and his brother's family.  Since Hudson knows that Papaw usually has a hat on, he thought it best to await their arrival with a cap of his own.

Since they have been in Japan for a year and a half, we we were happy to have David, Stephanie and Samuel here to play, as well. 

Hudson and Samuel played together so well. They are three months apart and I foresee all kinds of adventures together in the near future. 

The boys had such a good time doing what little boys do best. Hudson was quick to share his toys and quick to show Samuel how things worked. 

They would both come running anytime anyone was snacking. 

Hudson was happy to help his Papaw fix the garage door one afternoon. He seems to know what is "man's work."

Grammy loved taking him for rides in his blue car. 

And a Popsicle was the perfect way to cool down. Hudson kept saying "Cooooooold!"

One morning, Papaw and Grammy went with us to the zoo. We love to go early before it gets too hot. 

I don't know if he could see more with his new glasses or if he is just growing up...but he did a lot more pointing this zoo trip. 

When an animal would walk out of site, Hudson would say "Where'd it go? Where'd it go?" I bet we heard that phrase 200 times that morning. 

These parrots say "Bye-Bye" as you walk past. Hudson waved and told them "Bye" back. It was so cute. 

We love sharing moments like these with family. 

And Hudson is glad Grammy shared a stuffed Daniel Tiger with him. He carries it everywhere. And I keep hearing little phrases like "Dan-el Shoes"  "Dan-el eyes" etc.  I just ordered Prince Wednesday too - since he wears glasses. 

We are so thankful for our families and each moment we get to spend with them. 

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