Saturday, September 21, 2013

A Few Book Reviews on a Rainy Day

My stack of books to review were piling this week, I got reading. I really do love to read, but I find that other things are usually at the top of my "what to do during my down time" list. However, this week, I was reminded how fun it is to get lost in a good book. Growing up, I remember getting told I needed to stop reading and spend more time with the family - On a rainy Saturday like today, I could have stayed engrossed in book in my room all day long. I can picture my mom poking her head in my bedroom door and asking, "Are you at least going to stop for lunch?"

Although I normally just review fiction titles from Bethany House, I had a devotional book from Tyndale that I was pretty excited to dive into. Praying the Attributes of God.

I had read other books by Ann Spangler, and liked her book on women of the Bible. This book doesn't disappoint. It's written in a devotional format, dividing seventeen attributes of godly into a five-day-a-week study. In the introduction, Spangler describes the format this way:

"Monday: A key Scripture passage that reveals a particular attribute of God, 
as well as background information and a brief Bible Study to help you understand
this attribute.
Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday: Devotions to help you pray specific Scripture
passages that relate to the attribute you are learning about. These are designed
to provide a springboard for personal prayer and praise. 
Friday: A reflection that helps you see how this attribute connects to God's promises in Scripture. "

The attributes focused on are:
Loving: God cares about you
Good: God is better than you think
Infinite: God is bigger than you think
Unchangeable, Immutable: God is not moody
All Powerful, Omnipotent: God is not weak
Present Everywhere, Omnipresent: God is close to everywhere
All Knowing, Omniscient: God is never surprised
Patient: God is never frustrated
Wise: God always knows what to do
Eternal, Self-Sufficient: God has no limits
Jealous: God is a lover
Just, Righteous: God is always fare
Merciful: God leans toward compassion
Faithful: God never gives up
Holy: God is better than anyone you know
Creative: God is an artist
Transcendent: God is above it all

It was easy to follow the path she had laid out. Although I haven't read the entire book yet, I have learned a lot from the attributes I have studied. I love the fact that she focuses on Scripture passages to support her devotionals, pointing me back to the word each and every day. 

Thank you, Tyndale, for providing this devotional for me to review. 

I was excited to read this Jen Turano book, due to the fact that I loved another title by this author. A Most Peculiar Circumstance included the same twisting storyline that I loved from the other book. It kept me guessing and wanting to read more. 

Arabella Beckett, a member of the women's suffrage movement, seems to constantly find herself in sticky situations. Her headstrong personality and strong sense of what is right is most likely to blame. She is also reluctant to accept help from Theodore Wilder, who shows up to help her in her time of need. 

Wilder, a private investigator is merely doing a favor for Arabella's brother. But it seems that Wilder and Arabella's paths cross more than once. Trouble continues to follow Arabella - and Wilder continues to feel the need to rescue her.  

It was fun to read this tale of love and adventure. Being a little headstrong myself, I could identify with Arabella - I loved trying to figure out if Arabella would let Wilder help her, and if their relationship could develop into something more. 

To Honor and Trust was not my favorite read. The story line seemed slow and predictable. I found myself skimming through parts in order to "get through" this book. Perhaps if I had read every line I might have found it more enjoyable. 

Callie Deboyer, a governess for a rich family, is trying to decide if she should continue her work or join her parents as missionaries. She meets Wesley Townsend, but he is a little less than forthcoming about who he really is. By the time she learns the truth, she has already developed feelings for the man. After a few events, Callie is being blamed for a few missing expensive pieces. She must decide if she should just leave this life behind and join her parents in Africa or does she have a future with Wesley. She just can't decide if she can trust him...

Give the book a try. Maybe if I had read it completely, I would have liked the story more. Maybe it was the cover that turned me off - it seemed a little dated. I've enjoyed other Tracie Peterson stories. So, I won't give up on her just yet. 

Julianna Deering is a new-to-me author. I wasn't too sure about this cover either. It seemed old fashioned and a bit boring. But I decided to read a few chapters of Rules of Murder and then make my decision. I am so glad I gave this book a chance! During my baby's naptime yesterday, I sat down with this book. When he woke up 2 hours later, I was already half way through the book. If I am really interested in a story, I seem to read faster and faster. 

I love mysteries mixed with a little romance. This book really had the perfect mix of both. The character development was great. The story line was mysterious and engaging. It was one of those books when I don't even remember turning the pages. 

Young Drew Fathering and his childhood friend Nick love a good mystery novel. But during a weekend at his estate, the mystery isn't in the pages of a book - it's happening to his family. A new romantic interest, Madeline Parker, is excited to help Drew look for clues. The more he digs, the more questions and uncertainties arise. The people he thought he knew are not who they appear. 

The last line on the back of the book describes this adventure perfectly. "Trying hard to remain one step ahead of the killer -- and trying harder to impress Madeline -- Drew must decide how far to take this dangerous game."

I will definitely be looking for more titles from Julianna Deering. 

I am thankful that Bethany House supports my reading habit by providing titles for me to review. I love the fact that I can read their fiction books without fear of bad language or inappropriate scenes. 

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  1. The cover of To Honor and Trust really bugged me, too. It took me to the end of the book to get past the poor cover. Never been so affected by the cover of a book. I have some books that I need to get reading! Now I sound like you :)