Saturday, December 15, 2012

Update on our Miracle...

We are still praising God each day for the good things that He continues to do for our family.

Yesterday, when we arrived at the hospital, we were greeted by the beautiful sight of our son with no tape on his face. During his morning change, they had removed the small feeding tube from his nostril. A little baby face never looked so sweet.

I couldn't resist changing his hats over and over, just looking at the different facial expressions he would make.

It was after this that my friend came in to capture some beautiful pictures of our son.  (I was so excited to get these photos "tape free.")

Then, Hudson's nurse told us that he was regularly taking a bottle now. This was such a praise since just the day before he seemed so disinterested in bottle feeding. 

The doctor came by his bed, telling us that due to the large number of babies in the NICU (62 to be exact), they were considering moving Hudson to Erlanger Women's East (which is where I was scheduled to deliver in January). According to his medical staff, Hudson was only baby who was doing well enough to be moved out of the NICU into another facility. 

They loaded him into this fun contraption and sent him on an ambulance to his new home. We were able to follow behind. 

He is now sitting pretty in a quieter place. There are only 3 babies currently in this Special Care Unit. It was great to be able to share our story with a new set of nurses. God continues to surround us with believers and people interested in our journey. We continue to praise the Lord for all the opportunities He gives us to tell others about what He has done.

Today, we practiced a lot of "skin to skin" time. It is amazing the calming sense that comes over a baby when he is up against his mother's heart. What a Creator we have. We just stared at the facial expressions he was making.  Feel free to add your captions...

Today, we were also told he may come home in the next few days - as long as he continues to eat well and gain weight. That sent Jeremiah and I into high panic! "ARE WE READY?" "DO WE KNOW WHAT WE'RE DOING?" "CAN YOU BELIEVE THEY'LL LET US TAKE THIS LITTLE GUY HOME?" "WHAT WILL WE DO WITH HIM?" ...we are currently trying to make sure we have everything in place. Some things, like the car seat, hadn't even made it out of the box. Jeremiah has been reading instruction manuals all evening.

I'm not sure we'll ever stop worrying or wondering if we are ready to be parents. I know we still have lots to learn! 

Thank you all for your prayers and encouraging words. Even Hudson has learned to fold his hands in prayer. (He did this completely on his own). God is so good and we are praising Him that He is greater than anything we will ever encounter. 


  1. Jeremiah and Cindy,
    This is wonderful! He is so sweet, and his "faces" are delightful. I am continuing to pray for you all.

    Debbie Maynard

  2. I can't stop crying because I am so happy for you both... This will be such a special,Christmas with the most wonderfully tiny blessing!!!! He is adorable and the last pic is one of the sweetest pics.... That needs blown up :-) love you guys!!

  3. So thankful to God, Pawpaw Covey

  4. I want to tell you how much joy I share with you as I read your blog this evening. Your family has been in my prayers from the moment I learned of the need. I love how Hudson and this journey is a miracle in the works and one you are sharing. God's grace is sufficient, his love for us- immeasurable.
    I love the pictures. Hudson is growth is an answer to prayers. I was praying he may come home for Christmas. This is another answered prayer. Don't worry about what to do- it will come very natural. Just like you have noticed Hudson's actions to your touch and the sound of your heart- all the roots of love.
    Hudson is a cutie! I look at his expressions in the pictures, makes one wonder how much he is aware of- when it appears as if he is more aware than we can imagine. I still think his hands are large and beautiful. With those fingers- I ponder what will be in store for him.
    Prayers continue for you and the entire family as the days ahead will yield more blessings than one's heart can hold.
    Love and prayers-

  5. I remember those emotions of joy and panic at the same time learning they were going to come home! Landon's NICU stay was only 11 days and I was overjoyed to have him home but soooo nervous. You guys will be GREAT! Lots of people praying still. He is adorable.

  6. So thankful for God's answered prayers!! He is adorable!! Love the faces!! We are and will continue to pray for all of you!! Much love to you all - Rhonda & Jerry Blevins

  7. He is so precious!! Noah was 5 pounds when we took him home from the NICU in Toledo. I know that nervous feeling that you are talking about. You can do it! God is watching over all three of you and He'll be there to care for Hudson each step of the way.

  8. we give God the praise and our thanks goes out to all the doctors and nurses who followed Gods hand//congratulations Terry and Tammy May God just keep blessing time and time again

  9. I understand how scary the thought of bringing home a preemie is, but just remember that God's hand will follow you all from the hospital right to your house and he gives us new mommies amazing strength, grace and endurance to survive the sleepless nights and trials of motherhood. You all will feel much better with him in your own home. We'll all keep praying. He is so precious and perfect! Thanks for sharing the pics!