Friday, November 16, 2012

Est. 1981

Usually, when I make a trip home to visit my parents, my mom will have a list of projects she wants my help with. This last trip home was no exception. If you think I create a lot of projects for's because I come from a creative family of project do-ers. We'd rather figure out how to do it ourselves most of the time.

My mom has wanted "COVEY" over their front door for some time now, along with "Est. 1981" (Since they were married in 1981). This trip, I decided to bring my Cricut and some black vinyl to make this happen.

I let her select the font she liked best and we started cutting. Normally, I would have hopped right up on a chair or a ladder to attach the easy to apply vinyl letters to the wall. But since I was 30 weeks pregnant at the time, I didn't quite trust my balance. My dad, another perfectionist in our family, stepped in to assist.

Coveys must be pefectionists by can only image the directions and suggestions being thrown at dad as he tried to get the letters exactly straight.  "Tilt that one."  "Ooo, that's not straight."  "I like that one, but the one beside it is too far away. "

Eventually, the words were on the wall!

You can have these custom cut by many companies. But I choose to buy the vinyl rolls at Hobby Lobby. When the "Wall Decor" is 50% off, the rolls of vinyl are usually included in that. (I doesn't make sense to me either, but if they want to give me the discount, I'll take it!) That brings the price down to around $4. For this project, we probably used 1/3 of the roll (just to give you an idea).

Mom also loved the idea of some type of "squiggle" to even out the decal. Luckily, I was able to cut a great curvy shape to accent the wall quote.

In the end, I think my mother was pleased! And that means I am too! It also makes me quite proud to have parents who have shown me what a godly marriage looks like! And how awesome that they have been married 31 years!

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