Thursday, October 18, 2012

Getting the Most from your Craft Store Coupons

Yesterday, a friend of mine and I decided to tackle some baby sewing projects. I stopped by Joann's Fabric to pick up some supplies...Since they are having this fantastic sale on costume material, the line at the fabric counter was a mile long.

But...while I was waiting, I learned a few things. And those few things that I learned ended up saving me lots of dollars. So, I guess my waiting time was worthwhile. And since I know that other people like to save money as well, I thought I would pass my new knowledge on to you.

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I had learned a few weeks ago that Hobby Lobby does not require you to surrender a printed version of their coupon. I was excited about this, knowing that I no longer needed to waste paper and ink to redeem my 40% off one item coupon. I do not have a smart phone, but I do have an ipad. I simply save a copy of the coupon in my pictures right before I go to the store.  You can pull it up in the store if you have wireless internet access, but I have found that just saving a new screen shot each time seems to be the quickest way to pull up the coupon in the check-out line. I love that their is always a 40% off coupon available for this store. I don't leave home without it!

And, you can use your Hobby Lobby coupon on one cut of fabric. If the fabric is on sale for 30% off, you can ask the lady cutting your piece to write it up at full price. Then, you will be able to use your 40% off coupon on the one cut of fabric. (giving you an extra 10% off)

I also learned a few weeks ago that Michael's will accept Hobby Lobby and Joann's coupons. Though, it seems they will only accept the certain percentage off one regular priced item - not the 20% off entire purchase.  But you do not have to print off these coupons. Just show them the current coupon on your device.

But....Joann's seems to be the coupon jackpot. And I had no idea until yesterday how accommodating they are. They basically will take any coupon you have. ha. I would suggest signing up for their emails, mailers and texts. I received multiple coupons good for this week through each of the above methods. I had them all with me, not knowing what I was going to purchase or what would be on sale. Most of their coupons are for "regular priced items." They will not write up your fabric as full price as Hobby Lobby will. However, you can use as many of the coupons on regular priced items as you have. And they will accept Michaels and Hobby Lobby coupons as well. AND...I had a text for 20% off my entire purchase and they took that too! You do not have to print out your coupons for Joann's either - they will simply look at your smart phone/ipad/etc.

I literally paid 1/3 of what I thought I would be spending yesterday. And I'll be back, with my coupons in hand to see what types of deals I can score.

You may have already known these bits of money saving tips...but if not, it's time to start looking for coupons for craft stores!

Now, before embarking on a craft store hunt for any supply, I will make sure my ipad is loaded with the images of the latest coupons for all the stores. This also means you could technically use the same image of the Hobby Lobby coupon at 3 different stores. I simply downloaded the free apps for the above mentioned stores. It will give you easy access to the coupons available. And if you have other craft stores in your area, check to see what store coupons are accepted where. Many stores are now taking competitor's coupons to keep your business.

Oh the possibilities!!! 


  1. Joanns also gives out a teacher discount card for 15% off all your purchases.

    Didn't know that they accepted competetor coupons! Are they only off regular priced coupons?

    1. Not sure. It may vary by store. I've only tried ones off a regular priced item.