Monday, August 27, 2012

Block Basket Remake

Last week, I made a quick Goodwill stop. And I stumbled across a $3.00 treasure! I love vintage/classic toys. Something about Tinkertoys and old wooden blocks make me happy. So you can imagine my delight when I found over 200 wooden alphabet blocks for $2.99!  I quickly snatched up the bag, paid for my treasure, and disinfected them with a little Lysol spray.

It did take me some time to decide what to store these fabulous blocks in due to the fact that there were soooo many!  I finally found a basket that would hold the entire collection. Only I didn't care for the engraved word "APPLE" around the rim of the basket. 

My solution was a little paint from a free Valspar sample can and a sponge paint brush. In less than 2 minutes, my basket was transformed. 

My blocks are now awaiting play-time. 

Check back this week to hopefully see our gender reveal! I am excited to find out just who will be playing with my treasure!

You can still slightly see the remnants of the "APPLES," however, it is much more subtle - thanks to a little paint! 


  1. I want to come and build something!!

  2. How cute! I bet that you could also use a thick piece of ribbon or fabric to cover up that part of the basket?!?! :)