Sunday, July 22, 2012

The Best Parents get promoted to grandparents

I've dreamed about this day for a long time - the day when Jeremiah and I can tell our parents that we are expecting a baby. And the day finally arrived.

Like most things in my life, I already had in mind how I wanted the moment to pass.
  1. I wanted to tell them in person if at all possible. 
  2. I wanted to surprise them. 
  3. I wanted to give them some creative gift to reveal the surprise.
  4. I wanted to tell our parents in the same couple of days. 
I searched Pinterest and blogs for ideas of how to reveal the pregnancy...I knew we didn't want to hand them a jar of Preggo pasta sauce. I wanted to do something memorable. 

I thought about making them T-shirts that said, "Pawpaw....since 2013" or "Nana...since 2013" But our baby is due in January. I started to worry about what year to put on the shirt. Do you put the year you found out you were pregnant? Do you put the year that the baby is born? What if the baby comes early? And my parents were already grandparents....too much uncertainty. 

We thought about telling them on Father's Day - but we weren't able to travel that weekend due to other scheduled events. And I wanted to have my first doctor's appointment before announcing (in hopes that I would have an ultra-sound picture). 

Finally, I saw an adorable quote online.    "The best parents get promoted to GRANDPARENTS." It seemed so perfect and fitting. 

Using some digital scrapbooking material (downloaded for personal use for free here, from Shabby Princess) and Microsoft Publisher to create a little "announcement" of sorts to frame.

Since I had been to my first doctor's appointment, it was so fun to include the ultra-sound photograph....our baby's first picture. Placed in a $1.95 5x7 frame, I was proud of our method to reveal our great news.

And our parents were thrilled with the news the frame brought, as well.

To share our news with my sister, Amy, I sent a picture to my niece, Pippa Louise.

She was thrilled with the news of her cousin!

Stay tuned for better Ultra-sound pictures...this one was taken at 9 weeks .


  1. What a unique way to share the news. I hope you will share the newest Cook's picture as often as possible. Congratulations and thanks for sharing your reveal:)

  2. Cute! I really like the one that you sent to Pippa!

  3. I've always imagined giving some sort of gift too! love the idea :)

  4. HI, I am obvisouly a litte late on this, but I love it! Question, how did you get the stamplooking effect on the "grandparents" and the corner embelishment? Thanks!

    1. I used some free digital scrapbooking elements.

  5. Hi,

    I am trying to make a design using scrap booking designs from shabby. However I am having trouble layering various prints and letters on one page, and am using Microsoft word, and publisher. I am curious to know what tool you used to accomplish your design.

    Thank you!

    1. I used publisher. You can format the object by right clicking. Make sure the layout option is "none" for easier layering. You can just add objects to one project like you would insert photos from a file.