Thursday, April 19, 2012

A Tip for your Tulips!

One of the many gifts that my husband gave me for my birthday was a bouquet of white tulips. I love flowers...of any kind! But white tulips are double special because they were the type of flowers that made up my wedding bouquet.

But the down side to tulips is the flimsiness of their stems. I had read somewhere (probably a random magazine or blog post), that if you place a penny in the bottom of your water filled vase, your tulips will be stronger and last longer.  I decided to give this tip a try.

When I first put the tulips in water, they were pretty flimsy and were already having a hard time standing. But, after 24 hours, they were looking stronger. And now, 4 days later, they are still standing tall!

I was so excited that this little tip worked! From now on, I will always place a penny in the bottom of my tulip vase.

1 comment:

  1. That's really neat! It's one of my favorite flowers. It's such a great tip to share! Thanks!--Erica