Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Who is He to you?

As I mentioned here, I am currently working my way through Beth Moore's Believing God Bible Study with a wonderful group of ladies. Even though this is only week 2, I keep finding my faith challenged and my previous ideas of God stretched.

I had ordered my workbook online (trying to save a few bucks), but it didn't arrive until yesterday. In order to not fall behind, I've been doing my "homework" on notebook paper. This morning, I took a good chunk of time to record all my answers in my new workbook. I was once again challenged by Video Session 2.

I grew up in Sunday School, Awana, other children's Bible clubs (I say "children's Bible clubs" because saying I grew up in clubs was not the approach I was going for), Vacation Bible School, Christian School, and my first job was even at a Christian Book Store. All these activities and influences were amazing. I am so glad to have that foundation - however, I feel that at times, God is too familiar to me. Since I am able to quote so many Scripture verses and Bible stories, I often find myself feeling that I can explain everything about God to anyone.

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As I recopied my notes this morning to my workbook, these words that I had written in the margin made quite an impact (the second time around).

"God isn't changed by who we think He is. But we are affected by who we thing He is."

"Admit when we don't know something about God. It's ok that we can't explain everything about God. He supposed to be too big to explain. Part of what makes God so marvelous is His mystery."

"We will be reflections of the God that we perceive. We'll never have faith that exceeds the God we perceive."

In my analytical mind, I have defined God the way I can explain Him. But what a great reminder that He is so much more! And when I am going through struggles or difficulties, I want Him to be more. I want Him to do great things because He is so great. I want Him to be more than my mind can contain. I don't want Him to be too familiar to me.

When I think back to Sunday School - I was taught about God, but I was not taught that He is just some definable God. I sang songs like, "My God is so BIG, so strong and so mighty! There's nothing my God cannot do."  "He's able. He's able. I know He is able. I know my Lord is able to carry me through."  "What a mighty God we serve. What a mighty God we serve. Angels bow before Him. Heaven and earth adore Him. What a mighty God we serve."  Yet somehow, in my adult life, He's become a little smaller to me. He's become someone I can "understand." He's become something that I can define. I want Him to be more. I want to know Him in the way He intends for us to know Him. I want to always be striving to know more about this awesome Mystery.

All this has led me to think about this song that was popular in my high school days...

Beth Moore closed the video session with one of her poems. As you read this poem, may the last line grip you as it gripped me.

He is Elohim Creator, the Omnipotent who rules.
He's the Sovereign King of Glory and earth is His footstool.
He is the Alpha and Omega, the Beginning and the End.
He sends forth lightening that later checks back in with Him.
He speaks worlds into existence and spins them out in space.
He gives orders to the morning and shows the dawn its place.
He prophesies the future then orders it fulfilled.
He bears fruit from a landscape that man has never tilled.
He feeds the beast of the field from the palm of His hand.
He watches while they bear their young and teaches them to stand.
He gives the seas their boundaries and hides His creatures deep.
He teaches eagles how to fly and nest upon the steep.
He makes the clouds his chariot and rides on wings of wind.
He champions the victim and brings proud men to end.
He is Emanuel, God with us, come to earth through Christ.
He is the Kinsman Redeemer who paid the slave man's price.
He is the King of Kings, Lord of Lords and worthy is the Lamb.
He holds the keys to life eternal where the dead in Christ now stand.
He is enthroned between the Cherubim and great is his reward.
The devil, His defeated foe, the weapon, His swift sword.
The story has a moral so I'll hasten lest you tire.
Whoever you perceived He is...you might aim a little higher.


  1. Love! And thanks for posting the poem! I was wanting that!!!!

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