Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Simple Savings...

Now that I am a stay-at-homer (my new terminology since I am not a Stay-at-home Mom...), I am excited to get back into couponing. When I have the time to sit down and clip coupons, we really do save a ton of money. Lately, I have resorted to shopping at Aldi. Their prices are considerably lower for many of our regularly purchased grocery items. This morning, Ashlee and I even when to the local Dollar Tree. The one closest to our house has a freezer section. I got Pork sausage for $1 (12 oz. - Walmart is $3 for 16 oz.), 32 oz. bag of seasoned french fries, sweet potato fries....Well worth the $1 each pricetag.

Here are a few deals/coupon booklets I've come across this afternoon.

FREE 24 Month Subscription to Better Home & Garden

This is a free subscription strings attached. They will not send you a bill. I have received magazines from this company before. Simply enter your address and email address. You don't have to select for them to send you future promotions. After you "Submit" your information, they will show you other offers. You can simply close the window at this point. It says that you will never receive a bill. Your first issue should arrive in 6 to 10 weeks. Hurry to sign up for this one...they don't last long.

Coupon Booklets in Your Mailbox

P&G Brand Sampler has released lots of new free samples and coupons! Head on over and login or register to request yours! After registering, you can select what products you want to sample and receive coupons for. I usually select never know what's going to be on sale! And I can give the diapers away.

You can also Head on over and request a new “Gather Together” coupon booklet with over $35 worth of P&G coupons inside!

I'll pass more deals/coupons/freebies along, as I come across them.