Tuesday, February 28, 2012

We're Growing Up!

Why not celebrate Christmas all year round? At least then I wouldn’t feel so guilty for not having my DIY gifts finished on time. Read about another late gift here

My neighbor/BFF is a mother of 3 darling children. They are growing quickly – and so, I decided to give her something for Christmas that she could use for years to come. I’d seen a version of this on Pinterest and decided to give it a try.

In my husband’s pile of wood in the garage, I found the perfect 1” by 8” by 6´board. After sanding and wiping down the board, I was ready to begin.

I simply measured out the inch marks, starting at 6 inches (so that it can be hung 6 inches above the ground).

After making the appropriate lines, I added numbers 1 through 6 at each foot marking.

It looks amazing on Ashlee’s dark brown wall.

And it is definitely a great way to track her children’s growth.She has the same large clock that I have - we bought them on clearance at Target many years back for a little over $10.

 I think the big ruler looks amazing near the big clock. (And you can see her oldest on the couch). To the right of her growth chart, Ashlee is going to add three frames in matching wood. Those frames will contain black and white pictures of her growing children. As a bonus: you can get frames that match the wood exactly at the Dollar Tree right now (8 1/2 by 11 inches).

I am making a few more for some friends that don’t feel so crafty! I will gladly make you one for $25. So, If you are near Chattanooga – please email me if you are interested in one of these fabulous growth charts. I would ship them anywhere, but after looking into the shipping costs, it would be around $25 to safely ship it. If you would like it shipped, indicate that in your email. Or if you can figure a way to get it from Chattanooga, that's will save you shipping costs.

I am also making one for with the family's last name down the side (to look like the "brand" of the ruler). If you would like a customized ruler, I can make you one for $35.

Just email me! (sothecooksaid@gmail.com) I’d love to make one for you as well.

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