Thursday, January 19, 2012

Back to Normal Life

For the past couple weeks, my husband and I had the privilege to visit some missionary friends of ours on the Amazon River in Brazil. We heard those words "Welcome Home" from the customs officer in the Chicago airport late Sunday night.

We had a wonderful time. Although I am glad to be home, there are a few things I'm having to adjust back to. Don't worry - More pictures and stories are to come. I will over-share about our time there.

But for now, here's my list of indications that you've spent some time in Brazil...

1. I would rather not have a cell phone. In the town of Santo Antonio do Ica - there are cell phones, but not for me. It was so freeing to not be tied to that device.

2. I tend to want to tell people "Thank you"  and "Good Morning" in Portuguese. (or Pork-a-Geese, as Dave and Sarah's little girl Evelyn would say).

3. I feel guilty for putting toilet paper in the toilet. Nothing "unnatural" gets flushed.

4. I am still looking for a 2 liter of filtered water on the bathroom sink to use for brushing my teeth. Out of precaution, they filter all the water that they drink.

5. I did seriously wonder if Walmart was too far away to ride my bike to shop. The main mode of transportation in these little towns is bicycle or motorbike. And I must say, I loved riding bikes to get groceries in the mornings. After you make your purchases, you just put the bags on your handlebars and ride home.

6. When I look at a price, I seem to still be recalculating the exchange rate.

7. It is hard for me to remember that I don't have to scrunch my hair everyday. Due to the high humidity, my hair seemed to get thicker and thicker as the day progressed. Therefore, I scrunched it everyday. Gel seemed to tame the madness. I tried to do it normal one day - DISASTER! But with scrunching it, I could get ready much quicker.

8. I am feeling odd having to put on a coat. Since they are located very near the equator, it is always summer time there. The warm weather was amazing.

9. I am still mentally planning outfits based on the color of Havaianas I own. Due to the heat and dirt - everyone wears these flip flops all the time. And they are extremely cheap there! I do miss wearing them all day long. I had to exchange those for boots...

10. I am craving fruits that are not as readily available in the States. Passion fruit, Cupuacu (more about this fruit later), Papaya  - they had all this fruit growing in their backyard!

All that to say, we had an amazing time and are counting down the days until we can return to the beautiful country of Brazil. More pictures and stories are soon to come.


  1. I can't wait to hear more!!! Glad you had such a good time.

  2. Pretty sure I was on the complete other side of Brazil when I went! You took me back memory lane. Can't wait to see more :)

  3. I wish I had hid in your suitcase, just to eat some of that beautiful fruit!!! Can't wait to here more!

  4. Sounds so much like the Dominican! (But I'm sure there are MANY differences.) I can't wait to hear more stories!! :) - Melody

  5. I was so excited to see your first post from your trip.. I wasn't disappointed! Loved the post and it looks like an awesome time... I kept you and Jeremiah's name on my prayer list in the window and prayed every time I was washing dishes.. Thankful you made it there and home safely.

  6. very cool! i want to visit a friend in a different country!

  7. I had no idea you went to Brazil to visit friends. Awesome! I hope they are doing great. By the way, I agree with you on #1. I haven't own a phone in over a year. That was my choice. I didn't want to be tied to it. I'm happy at where I am. =) Can't wait to hear more stories from your trip!