Thursday, January 5, 2012

A Fun Game of FARKLE

Many years ago, while traveling on Encounter (a signing team), I stayed with a wonderful host family in Michigan. Each night, we would play games - and one game in particular included 6 dice. I could never remember the name, but loved playing it. Every now and again, people would ask if I knew how to play the dice game called BUNCO? I would excitedly recite the rules to the dice game I loved, hoping that this was the loved game - but alas, it was not. 

One day, while browsing the Apps store for my ipad, I came across the dice game! FARKLE! I'm not sure that this is what that host family called the game, but it is the same game.

At Christmas time, Jeremiah and I love to give gifts that we would enjoy ourselves. This year, I decided to give out a few sets of FARKLE. Pinterest led me to this lovely tutorial.

I purchased 100 red dice from Amazon for $10 -

They had other colors, but the red seemed festive.

I purchased the spice tins for World Market - they have a handy magnet on the back.

I'm partial to the aqua tins, but I knew that most people would rather go classic with the silver tins. 
Each tin was filled with six dice. I was able to make 13 sets. 

I especially  love the magnet on the back of each tin - I kept a set for the Cook house, and it is proudly stuck to our fridge. 

Feel free to download the instructions here for this wonderfully addictive game!

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