Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Paint Stick Stars (MOPS Craft)

You might say I am on a mission to find cheap, cute, easy to duplicate crafts for our MOPS meetings. And, this Christmas project ended up costing just a few pennies, thanks to some generous businesses and a few supplies already on hand. 

Two local hardware stores donated the sum of 1,000 paint sticks. 

That meant that each mom could have 10 sticks...she could either make two small stars or one large star. 

We hot-glued the paint sticks together. For the larger star, two paint sticks made up each side. 

Twine, fabric, pine-cones, bits of greenery and floral wire were available for decorating. 

I always love to hear the conversations that begin around the hot-glue stations. 

It was easy for me to find lots of places for my cheap stars. 

One spray painted black sits beside a lantern on my table. 

Another star, with the business name exposed, sits on top of my hutch. 

After wrapping some twine around another small star, it made the perfect rustic tree-topper for my son's room. 

While I had my pile of example stars in the kitchen, another idea occurred to me. 

Two small stars make a cute snowflake wreath for my backdoor. 

The lightness of the paint sticks make them easy to glue together, easy to hang, and cheap to pick up. In fact, I will be posting another paint stick craft in a few days. 

Many hardware stores will give you a few paint sticks if you ask...start a collection and let me know what ideas you come up with! Used one - with paint splatters - would even make a cute rustic star. 

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